Responsive WebUI Design: BlueJay Device Software

Project Type

Customized Medical Software Solution Website Responsive Design

My Role

Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping, User Testing


12 Days


BlueJay Health

Project Overview

BlueJay Device Software partners with medical device businesses to help them innovate healthcare experience by providing them with the industry-leading custom device software solution.

Objective:  Develop a professional UI design for Bluejay Device Software website, showcasing their cutting-edge technology, innovations, projects and design capabilities.

Competitive Analysis

I studied competitor portfolios and current design trends to inform our approach. Defining the target audience and gathering insights helped me understand their needs and expectations. I reviewed Bluejay's branding guidelines to ensure alignment with their brand identity.

Visual Design

I developed a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistent branding. Designing detailed page layouts in Adobe XD, I focused on visual appeal and responsiveness. Incorporating and optimizing images, icons, and illustrations enhanced the visual appeal.

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